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Our Mission

The mission of North Shore Unitarian Church is to empower people to live with greater depth, meaning and purpose. We welcome all to our caring community, foster spiritual growth free of dogma, and inspire actions in the service of life.  About Our Community

Our Vision of the Future

“The North Shore Unitarians of the future are a thriving community of people deeply committed to living this life with greater depth, meaning, and purpose.”

Our community has adopted the vision statement developed by the Task Force on the Future.  See the whole document HERE.

Welcome to our vibrant spiritual community!

We are an inclusive, growing congregation of 200 adults, 70 children and 20 youth. We come together to explore important life questions and support each other in living with meaning and purpose –and we have a lot of fun and fellowship along the way!  We welcome all who share our philosophy regardless of age, race or sexual orientation. Read more →

Spirituality Free of Dogma

chaliceWe are a non-creedal spiritual community, imposing no religious dogma — no required set of beliefs.  Our congregation includes people on many different spiritual paths, from theism to atheism, from many different religious or non-religious backgrounds.  All are welcome. Read more →

News & Upcoming Events

A Change of Ministers
The Ministerial Search Committee has recommended that the Rev. Emily Hartlief and the Rev. Marcus Hartlief be considered as settled co-ministers to NSUC. If voted in by our members on May 1, 2016, they will take over the care of our congregation from our Interim Minister, the Rev Fran Dearman, on August 1, 2016. Read exciting news about our ministerial candidates and our search

For more news and event, download our most recent newsletter from our Newsletter Archive.


Upcoming Services

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Sunday, May 1st, 10:30am
Title: “Second of Two Candidating Week Services”
Speaker: Rev. Emily Hartlief

Sunday, May 8th, 10:30am
Title: “Mother’s Day”
Speaker: Rev. Fran Dearman

Sunday, May 15th, 10:30am
Title: “To Believe or Not to Believe”
Speakers: Judith Gordon, Paul Jaffe and Jim Stephenson

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